Sri Sri Guru-Gauranga Jayatah
Vol E-14
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"A Vaishnava has many moods. Although, Srila Kaviraj Goswami has said that he is lower than a worm in stool, he also has declared that by the grace of Sri Nityananda Prabhu, he has gotten everything to be had."

nama srestham manum api saci putram atra svarupam
rupam tasyagrajam uru purim mathurim gostavatim
radha kundam giri varam aho radhika madhavasam
prapto yasya prathita krpaya sri gurum tam nato 'smi

Srila Raghunath Das Goswami, although always self-deprecating, could not deny the gifts he had received from his Gurudev.

"He has given me the highest conception of the holy name of Krsna. He has given me the service of that great savior, the son of Mother Saci, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who is like a golden mountain standing to show the direction of Krishna-lila. He has brought me to the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu's most favo-rite, Svarupa Damodara, who is the representation of Lalita devi, the most favorite friend of Radhika.He has brought me in connection with Sri Rupa, who was ordered to distribute the highest kinds of devotional love, rasa.He has given me the association of Srila Sanatana Goswami, who adjusts our position in relation to raganuga-bhakti. He explains the path of vaidhi-bhakti, and gives us sambandha-jnana: the knowledge of what is what, a proper acquaintance with the environment.He has given me Mathura Mandala, where Radha and Govinda have their pastimes. He has given me Vrndavana, where the cows and the milkmen have their village constructed. I am becoming acquainted with their association, their nature, and their feelings of love for Krsna. He has given me Radha-kunda, the favorite place of Radha and Govinda for their pastimes, and this great Govardhana. And lastly he has given me the hope that one day I can get the service of Sri Sri Radhika and Madhava. I have been given all these assurances by my gurudeva, so I bow my head with all my respects to his lotus feet."

Although his body is recuperating, his soul is quite well. While discussing the glories of the holy name, during his morning outing, Srila Gurudev explains this expression of Srila Raghunath Das Goswami to exemplify the various moods in the heart of a devotee. He also exhibits these different moods himself and we are fortunate to have his darshan.

prema-dhama-devam eva naumi gaura-sundaram

The universal devatas, perfected beings, salvationists, mystic yogis, and exalted servitors of the absolute truth, Sri Krishna, constantly chanted the glories of Sri Gaurasundara. In regard to Shri Chaitanya’s pastimes, Shrila Rupa Goswami has mentioned

the following verse in his Shri Chaitanyastakah:

sadopsyah shriman dhrita-manuja-kayaih pranayitam
vahadbhir gir-vanair girisha-parameshthi-prabhritibhih
“The devas, headed by Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, accepted the garb of ordinary men in the pastimes of Shri Chaitanyadev in order to eternally worship Him with heartfelt affection.” Shri Chaitanyadev is the embodiment of that vast nectarine ocean found in Lord Krishna’s holy name, which is none other than Shri Gaurannga’s own pure name. Shri Chaitanyadev is compared to that grand milk ocean which, after being churned, produced nectar. The nectar Mahaprabhu distributes is Lord Krishna’s holy names, which extinguish all the miseries of material existence, such as anxieties arising from sinful activities performed in direct opposition to the Lord, and the three-fold sufferings which fuel the grand forest fire that scorches those in search of sense gratification, salvation, and mystic yoga perfections. I offer my obeisances to that beautiful Golden Lord, Gauranga Sundar, the divine form of Krishna prema.

Srila Govinda Maharaj explained today, "Srila Guru Maharaj composed the Prema-Dhama-Deva Stotram and it is perfectly complete. If you see Sri Chaitanya Bhagavat and Shri Chaitanya Caritamrita, you willl find every pastime included. Nothing is missing. Even Sripad Bhakti Vilas Tirtha Maharaj commented, 'What Sridhar Maharaj has done is incomparable. Nobody else could do this.' Srila Guru Maharaj started with 10 verses and then he could not stop and it evolved to its present form. Srila Guru Maharaj instructed us to sing 10 verses each day and each week the entire lila of Mahaprabhu would be covered. (Click to download the full text from our Math's website.)

tad ashma-saram hrdayam batedam
yad grihyamanair hari-nama-dheyaih
na vikriyetatha yada vikaro
netre jalam gatra-ruheshu harsah

One has a heart of tempered steel if it is not melted in the ecstasy of the divine name of Sri Krishna, which causes the eyes to fill with tears of joy and ones body to erupt in ecstasy, with hair standing on end.

As he placed his merciful glance over the Soquel Shri Chaitanya Saraswat Seva Ashram, Srila Gurudev recited the above shloka and explained that our heart are so hard and therefore, we are not experiencing the ecstacy of the divine name. We must undergo a softening process and that has been given by Mahaprabhu, Trinad api sunichena taror iva sahishnuna amanina manadena kirtaniya sada harih. This is perfectly expressed in English with Srila Gurudev's constant advice, "Humility, tolerance and giving honor to others. This is our religion."

sanataner vairagye prabhur ananda apar
bhot-kambal pane prabhu chahe bare bar
sanatana janilo ei prabhure na bhay
bhot-kambal tyag koribare cintilo upay
Mahaprabhu was unlimited happy with the detached mood of Srila Sanatan Goswami, but he kept looking at the fancy blanket that Sanatan Goswami was keeping. Sanatan Goswami could understand Mahaprabhu's disapproval and immediately began to think of the way to get rid of it.

Srila Gurudev awoke in the middle of the night, feeling cold, he asked Ranajit Prabhu to bring him a blanket. When he brought him a very nice blanket, which was a gift from Jagannath Swami Prabhu, Srila Gurudev began to quote these and the rest of the verses from this section of Chaitanya Caritamrita. "I have many things in my locker, and I want to distribute them to the devotees, but we are Mahaprabhu's men and we will not be proud with what we have.